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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review

The Medal of Honor series rebooted in 2010 and I really enjoyed the game giving it a high review score.  The direct sequel was released this October titled Medal of Honor: Warfighter.  Will it live up to it’s predecessor?

Warfighter’s campaign mode picks up right after the original game as you continue to fight the terrorist’s to prevent them from using the PETN weapon.  You will travel to Bosnia, Somalia, Pakistan and the Philippines. The story features two soldiers as you jump back and forth between their tales.  Stump who is a Recon Marine turned Navy SEAL and Preacher who you will remember from the first game.  The game also features Dusty as he operates from a command center for most of the game.

I really wanted to enjoy this game and even pre-ordered it however the campaign was a huge let down.  The two stories that have you jumping back and forth never allows you to get any momentum and has been done so many times before that it just felt like another First Person Shooter.  I also didn’t like the length of the story.  It’s been standard as of late for FPS’s to focus heavily on the Multiplayer aspect and short change us on the story but Warfighter takes this to a new level with it’s extremely short campaign.  It also doesn’t help that two of the missions are driving only missions.

One of the positive experiences in the campaign is the breach mini game.  At several times during various missions you will have to breach doors and walls etc. You go into slow motion and after you have gotten enough head shots, you will unlock a new breach option like using a shotgun, crow bar, explosives etc. This was one of the highlights of the campaign and of course you unlock a achievement/trophy for using all of them.

The most enjoyable part of the single player campaign is the beautiful cut scenes that steal the show.  The downside to these scenes is you never get into a groove.  The game lets you fight terrorists for 5 minutes,  watch amazing cut scene and rinse and repeat.  If you have ever played a Uncharted game,  if felt like that only the actual game part wasn’t that good.

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