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The X Reviews: Cobra Invasion Team Firefly

The X Reviews: Cobra Invasion Team Firefly


While I will admit to the fact that I just might be an impatient fool, Hasbro’s recent M.O. of showing what will come and then pushing things back or omitting things entirely, I decided it was better to jump while the price was good, rather than wait for several months only to find that the prices had tripled because Hasbro pushed things back again. I miss the money I spent, but I don’t regret the purchase one bit. With that said, let’s jump into the review!


None. Since I bought this off an EBAY seller because I’m an impatient fool, the packaging was a bubblewrapped baggie with the figure and accessories. From pictures online, it does seem that I received all the accessories that were supposed to come with him, so I have no complaints at all. He arrived fast, and in excellent condition, and after this review will be back upon my shelf where he belongs! While I have nothing to really say with regards to the packaging on what I received, the retail version will come in a 3 pack like the ninja dojo versions.










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