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The X Reviews: GIHeads

The X Reviews: GIHeads


Not that I’ve had many reviews yet, for this one to be considered ‘odd’, but this is definitely not going to be a normal review. This is more of an in-brief about a small-time casting company called GIHeads, the guy in charge, Vic, and the look and quality of the casts he offers.

I first caught sight of the name on OG13, and did a little research. While he doesn’t offer a large supply all the time, and like many other casters out there it’s probably a side project, he does have a fair selection of heads(both painted and unpainted) and some accessories to choose from. He also has some VERY fair prices for product, lower than most I have seen, and most are in the .75 cent range.

I sent Vic a message on Facebook, and he responded quickly. He offered to send me something for free if I spread the word, and I agreed. True to my word, I’ll show you some pictures and tell you what I think.

Right off the bat, I’ll say that he works quickly. I asked about a Big Boa headcast, and though he had none for sale, I’m assuming he cast and painted one up for me right away. He also included a couple painted freebies: The Fridge and some old guy I am unfamiliar with, probably from Star Wars as it’s a smaller cast. So, I asked about this on January 3rd. He put them in the mail that Monday, the 7th. And I received them on the 10th. To say I’m happy with the speed and quality of service is an understatement!







The paint on all three heads is well done. Not “factory” crisp, but still well done. Big Boa, for instance, has all the metal parts in silver, and there’s hardly any paint smudge or bleed anywhere that I can find. I couldn’t find bubbles or flash, either. The old guy’s right eye is a little crooked, but it’s hard to paint eyes. In fact, my only real nitpick is that the casting medium is -very- soft, so drilling/dremeling for the neckball will require a quick jaunt to your freezer first. I’m not sure if this is a usual thing or was just something that happened in this instance, but because of the softness of the plastic, I had to use some sealer on the paint to help protect it while I was fitting the head to the neck. Again, it’s a minor nitpick, and to me it’s not a huge issue in the slightest. You’ll have to make up your own mind on that. I’m hoping that in the future, the casting medium he uses will be of a better quality, but I’m sure to buy from him again!






And Vic? Like I said, he was quick to respond to my question, quick to send things out to me, and comes across as an all-around decent guy. Someone that I would be glad to do more business with in the future. With so many of the bigger casting ‘companies’ having their issues, it’s nice to find that there’s still some ‘little guys’ out there like Vic, who’re willing to work with you to get things done.

Check ’em out on Facebook HERE, and on Ebay HERE.






Thanks, Vic, for being another voice in the casting community, and for allowing me to share it here with the Fighting 1:18th! Questions, comments, suggestions? Join the discussion HERE.

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