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2012 Officer Club Recap

2012 Officer Club Recap

Summer was nearing it’s end as Slaymaker won giveaway #2 receiving the gift of 2 Dollar General figures, Shipwreck and Snake Eyes.  Ewokhunter92 finished off his very elaborate Game apply titled “Ewok’s twisted way of thinking”.  Ewok offered a large lot of miscellaneous Joe vehicles and accessories.  The Game was by far the most difficult of the year and Major Blood was able to win the prize package.  Giveaway #3 featured a Men in Black Agent K and the newly released Avengers Nick Fury and Fled74 won the gift.

The 2012 exclusive membership drive item starting shipping to Officers towards the end of September.  Major Blood spent a lot of time working out the details and getting our custom item just right as the supplier wasn’t exactly cooperating.  The end result was very satisfying though with all Officers.  The Dog Tags featured a colored logo on them and they doubled as a bottle opener which comes in handy for most of our members.  Officers started posting photos of the tags as soon as they arrived including Cmderinchief and Provost.  Byrnes was so impressed by the tags he declared that he was going to check his mailbox everyday with anticipation for the tags.

It shouldn’t come to anybody’s surprise that the theme for October had a Halloween feel to it.  Giveaway #4 was a 30th Anniversary Zombie Viper which was won by Nacho.  The end of October featured the vote for the latest Officer only Contest titled “What Da Zed?”.  This Contest required Officers to create a custom Zombie figure and allowed up to 2 entries.  Surprisingly to many including myself,  we had a low turnout to the Contest despite a fantastic Prize that was donated by Meddatron.  Meddatron’s prize was a hand crafted one of kind Diorama piece. G.I.*Eddie won his second Contest in a row receiving 56% of the public vote.

November was a very active month in the Officer Lounge featuring Giveaway #5,  a new Game was completed and a special giveaway finally had a winner by a guy who didn’t even know what was going on.  Since Fogger1138 was awarded the figure that Ewok originally won he decided to host the next Game.  This Game featured photography titled “Forced Perspective” that featured 2 prize packages.  The best photo incorporating some kind of forced perspective will win were the basic rules with some restrictions of course.  Wild Bill won the Game with 63% of the vote and took the grand prize which was a BBI Super Humvee and his choice of a figure. Slaymaker came in second place and won the secondary prize with the remaining 2 figures.

Giveaway #5 was the first giveaway that didn’t feature figures and it was a hit among the Officers.  Charade won the random drawing scoring a complete set of Marauders Series 6 and set of customizing files.  As a special thank you to all the Officers I decided to host a special giveaway called “countdown to 10k”.  I was approaching post number 10,000 since the infamous crash of 2011 and wanted to celebrate by giving away a complete set of Series 1 weapons from forum member Falcone and Legionfourteen Productions.

To win the special giveaway you needed to be the 40th post after post number 10k however to prevent spamming you couldn’t be the post before or after the winning post.  Fogger1138 and Meddatron were competing for the prize and ended up disqualifying each other from the victory.  To come up with a victor we entered a Sudden Death round,  the 500th post in the thread won the prize.  As the thread got closer to the winning #500,  Moderator Mandingo Rex entered the thread completely oblivious as to what was going on and wound up winning the prize!

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