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2012 Officer Club Recap

2012 Officer Club Recap

As 2012 was coming to a end,  we decided to end with a bang.  We hosted 2 Contests and Giveaway #6 that was a true reflection of the holiday season.  The final Giveaway of the year featured a custom coffee mug with the Fighting118th.com’s logo on it.  The coffee mug was a instant hit with the Officers especially from Pickelhaube who collects mugs.  As Pickel was campaigning for the victory,  Officers one by one started forfeiting their ticket to Pickel.  By the time of the random drawing,  Pickel had 9 chances to win the mug.  The winner of the drawing was ThunderDan19 who happened to be one of the 8 Officers who agreed to forfeit their ticket.  Pickel was very appreciative of the gesture.

The 2 Contests that were concluded at the end of the year had a woman theme.  The first Contest was hosted by Fled74 with myself overseeing the rules.  Fled74 was offering up his amazing custom Scarlet figure.  The name of the Contest was “Badass Chicks!” and allowed as many entries as you wanted and required at least 3 photos of your chick.  This custom contest featured the largest turnout in entries of the year and was won by G.I.*Eddie giving him his 3rd straight custom figure Contest victory.  The winning figure was a named Onry Wan and had a sexy school girl look to her getting 46% of the public’s vote.

The Second was titled “Gender Bender” and allowed Officers to enter as many custom figures as they wanted. The rules stated that you needed to create a figure based off a existing character but you needed to change their gender.  All the entries featured original male characters that were converted to females.  The prize was a World Peacekeepers Military Assault Unit set that was donated by Slaymaker.  The winning prize however was changed to a gift certificate to Marauder Inc as Slaymaker won the Contest finally snapping Eddie’s streak of Contest wins. The winning figure was a female Hit N Run gaining 48% of the total vote.

Overall it was a very interesting and exciting year for the Officer Club.  We had some peaks and valleys throughout the year but it was definitely considered a success with several Contests,  Giveaways,  Games and participation. I did my best to recap the majority of the year and tried to recognize as many of the Officers that I could.  Obviously I can’t share everything that happens in the Officers Club as some things are private and don’t need to be aired out in public.  I want to give a special thanks to all the Officers who donated to the site.  Whatever your reasons might be,  we appreciate what you do for the site because without you guys we wouldn’t have a site.

As we look into 2013,  it’s already looking promising with our first Contest underway,  the next installment of the Game which is being hosted by Wild Bill and features some impressive prize packages and of course the next Giveaway is active.  The goal for this new year is to remain consistent all year with fun events and of course gain new members to the club.  I hope this story provides some insight on what it means to become a Officer and look forward to your involvement during this years Membership Drive.

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