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2012 Officer Club Recap

2012 Officer Club Recap

What does it mean to be an Officer?

I’ve been a part of every F118th donation drive, even the early ones to buy new forum software. I’ve never regretted pitching in for a site that really gives us all a home on the ‘net. We don’t answer to anyone, we don’t shill, we don’t censor, and we just shoot the breeze with fellow collectors, customizers, and fans of all types of 1:18th toys. Threads NEVER stay on topic because they wander, like good conversations amongst long-time friends. The officer giveaway contests and officer freebies are a great benefit, but the information, discussion, feedback, and general BS we engage in on a daily basis is easily worth the donation. You’ll not find a more fun group of guys to talk to about toys and life.

My personal favorite anecdote involves member “Onwu”, an alias of an online toy retailer/proprietor. He signed up just to cause trouble, but he probably would have had more fun sticking his head in a beehive. That was an entertaining day! I could go on about she-males, jet-tits, and other characters we’ve seen come and go, but through it all, we’ve really had a blast, not bowing to other sites, sponsors, or the malignant agendas of those who would spoil the fun 



This was my first year as an Officer. Within days of joining the ranks the membership paid for itself by me utilizing the Officer B/S/T. There are contests every month. We got a free F118th Dogtag. All these things are just the icing on the cake. Being an officer really allows a member to feel like part of the site, and not just a poster. I am a big fan of giving back to ones community. Well, online, this is my community. I have made more friends and know more names here than I have in my immediate neighborhood around me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



I’ve been an officer since the first time it was offered, so I don’t really know what the site is without the “dark” areas. I can’t imagine it’s nearly as much fun though, as that’s where all the most interesting stuff happens. But, like has been stated, we’re contributing to keep the site ours and fully autonomous, and to me that’s most important and well worth a few bucks each year. Plus we get free exclusives and contests! 



I signed up after the big crash, so I missed out on a lot.

This is my second year of being an Officer, and I will continue to support this site (and a great group of like-minded people) which has become my online home.
Like any family, people don’t always get along, but these disagreements are almost always handled with maturity and grace – something that continues to amaze me about this group. That, and the level of artistry and skill continually on display here.
Every day I see proof that grown men playing with toy soldiers can be elevated to an art form.

I’ve been part of other online communities, and none have given me the same sense of camaraderie and fun as the Fighting 1:18th, and being an Officer is my way of saying thanks.



Being an officer is special. If we make everyone special, then no one will be special. We’ll all be the same decaying organic matter as everyone in the regular section…instead of awesome rock Gods with solar powered laser beam guitars.

Wild Bill


Being an Officer means a lot to me. I’ve been a member of a Online Toy Community for over 6 years. The Fighting118th.com has the best group of guys on the net. It truly feels like a family. We have disagreements at times but we are always looking out for each other. I’m proud to be part of a site that is completely sponsor free and never has to censor a member of our family for anything. That small donation that I give each year in order to keep this site around is well worth the friendships that I have made.


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