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Resistance 3 Review

Resistance 3 Review

You will run into several different characters along the way that you will provide help and receive help.  One of my favorite characters is Charlie Tent who is the leader of the Remnants,  a small resistance group.

As you fight Chimera on foot,  on trains and boats you will experience huge battles fighting waves and waves of enemies.  You will also have the standard escort missions and some epic boss battles.  The great thing about all these is the pace.  They are spread out perfectly and keep the game fresh.

The Campaign will take you around 10 hours to complete.  It’s very refreshing having a First Person Shooter continue to focus on the story.  It doesn’t matter if you’re sneaking through a field or blasting away huge waves of enemies,  Insomniac made it a point to keep you involved in this rich story that has been told over 3 games.

Resistance 3 continued the tradition of excellent visuals.  The game is very dark and grimy with it being a war game at the end of civilization but it’s still beautiful.  You will have more than a few moments when you will catch yourself staring at the unique designs of your gruesome enemies.

If you’re a veteran of the series you will feel right at home with the controls.  For newcomers to the series, you won’t take long to adapt to the smooth controls. The sound effects will really get you involved in the story and the music isn’t memorable however it does blend into the game very well.  The voice acting is top notch again and one of the best parts of the game.

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