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Resistance 3 Review

Resistance 3 Review

The weapons have been a key part of the series and Insomniac’s history in FPS games.  Resistance 3 continues that tradition with some exciting guns.  One thing that is a improvement is the automatic leveling up on the weapons.

You will have dozens of weapons to choose from and you won’t have to pick and choose which ones to carry. You can change on the fly back and forth between series favorites like the Rossmore and Carbine and new weapons like the Mutator.  I was personally fond of the Deadeye,  a Chimera sniper rifle.

Resistance 3 excels in the single player campaign in my opinion however like most FPS games,  the multiplayer is what most gamers are interested in. New to the online experience is the addition of abilities,  which is just like perks in other known games.

One of the most addicting aspects in the online mode is the weapons upgrades that you can obtain.  You will enjoy the huge arsenal of options including the greatest camper killing gun ever made,  the Auger.

Resistance 3 allows 16 players to play per match which is a huge downgrade from the 60 that could play in the second game.  I’m disappointed that you no longer have those huge games but it does make the matches less chaotic.

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