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Diorama: HeroQuest

Diorama: HeroQuest

Forum member Obi-Shinobi has been sharing his custom work for awhile now. He specializes in Ninjas and Fantasy characters however he does have a wide range of interests.  This past November he introduced us to his HeroQuest project.  He plans to create a fully functional HeroQuest game board in full 1:18th scale.  Many people who are familiar with HeroQuest immediately got excited for the project and even people like myself who had never heard of HeroQuest got intrigued.  The past few months we have had the pleasure of watching new dio pieces being shown as well as other members of the forum create set pieces. Also in November,  Obi sent out a open invitation to create figures for the game.  I recently had a chance to sit down with Obi and discuss his diorama and the future of the project.  Enjoy this Question and Answer session.

Question #1.  HeroQuest is obviously the inspiration for your Diorama.  Can you share some insight on why you chose HeroQuest?

Obi: Why?  That’s an easy one!  I bought the boardgame back in 1990, and fell in love with the game, or really, the easy to follow and play game mechanics.  It was a wonderful alternative to the more time consuming RPGs of the time.  I never had many chances to play HQ with a full set of players, but it was fun regardless.  Other similar games, like Space Hulk, also fueled my interest in this project.

Question #2.  How many pieces have you created for the HeroQuest play set so far and how many do you plan on creating?

Obi: Only 6-7 right now.  I had to take a break from building, until I can get my new workshop set up, which should be very soon.  After starting this project, I quickly realized that I need a much better workspace to achieve my goals.  Basically… I need a more dedicated space, and more of it!  As for how many more pieces – during this “break”, I went back to the drawing board and revamped the overall design of how I wanted to make the board. So once I get back to work on it, you guys will see something completely different while staying true to what I started with.  Cryptic, huh?

Question #3. Back in November you put out a Invitation to help create the HeroQuest game.  You have gotten responses from a few members who have created Characters and set pieces.  Were you surprised by the reaction and have any other members contacted you that haven’t shared creations?

Obi: I’ve had a few awesome responses from some great people, no doubt.  I’m a little surprised that I haven’t had more, but I think most people are either into modern military more so, or maybe just don’t know where to start with fantasy.  And let’s be honest… there’s very little available parts-wise to even get started.  I think once I get my new and improved board going, we might see more interest.

Question #4. What is the estimated completion time?  Will this be a project that will always be growing and changing or do you have a set time and date when you just say enough is enough?

Obi: I’d like to get the new board completed by Spring, so hopefully by April/May.  It may grow beyond that, or change into a different theme down the road.  In fact, there is a plan to maybe incorporate this style of board/mechanics into one of my personal favorite themes – NINJA!

Question #5. What challenges have you ran into during the HeroQuest project?

Obi: Biggest problem so far – keeping everything straight and square!  Cutting foam boards by hand leaves too much room for error.  This is the main reason why I had to revamp the designs.

Question #6. How long have you been creating dios?  Do you have any advice for aspiring Dio makers and can you share any information on what is on the horizon?

Obi: Wow… let’s see. Honestly, I just started trying to make dio pieces last year after seeing the great pieces and sets here, on the 1/18th.  I’ve learned a lot from people here, and continue to learn from a few of these guys. Advice for beginners?  Easy. Look at the stuff that people make, and READ what those people write concerning how they achieve their results.  Not everyone will do the same thing, so learn what you can from as many people as possible, to see what might work best for you.  And try to have patience when building.  Something I still need to work on. 

Question #7. You have mentioned a few times that you and other members could be setting about a convention. Can you share some ideas on what would take place at this convention and do you have a realistic time on when it would take place?

Obi: Well, that’s still in the planning stages right now.  I can tell you this though – the overall idea is to follow in SlayerCon’s (thanks Dave) footsteps with a “customizers con”.  Contests, group projects, action figure games , tutorials/shop talk, door prizes/give-aways, and of course the chance to meet and greet with your fellow customizers.  Time frame?  I’d love to do it later this year, but we’ll have to see how things work out in the next few months.  Maybe, by late Summer.  There’s a lot that goes into setting up something like this, not to mention getting enough interest from the community at large.

Thanks Monkeywrench, and thanks to the Fighting118th!

A re-vamped game board is in the works!  We were very impressed by the original diorama,  can’t wait to see the new improved pieces.  A big Thank You to Obi-Shinobi for not only showing off his custom works but taking the time to participate in this Question and Answer session.  Stay tuned for more HeroQuest updates and if you would like to keep an eye on the project you can visit Here and you can check out the characters Here.

You can view a full gallery on page 2!

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