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Merit Intl at ToyFair 2013
ToyFair 2013 Coverage

Merit Intl at ToyFair 2013

Looking over their pictures, it looks the the only thing new and interesting that they showed off was an apparently upcoming 1:18 JSI Flak 88. Also in the case was something they labeled as a “1/16 M189 MIL-61602“. You can see the image below:


This looks to use the same mold that 21 Century Toys made some years ago. There was a number of these grey 88’s on sale from various retailers a couple of years ago, though the thinking at the time was that someone had simply painted over the 21st desert colored 88’s and tried to resell them.

There is no mention of a release date or price on their official page or Facebook page. We’ve send them a message asking for clarification.

The artillery piece, while larger than 1:18 scale, could prove useful for diorama makers and scale collectors alike.

Check out Merit’s Facebook page here.

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