Hoth Diorama

Hoth Diorama

Earlier on, we posted a tutorial by forum member Zipidi Doodah on how to make explosion effects without using even a dash of photoshop. It was a fun, and comprehensive tutorial, and we were glad to have shared it with us. The example in the tutorial was of a huge Hoth diorama he had done in his living room. It’s filled with all sorts of explosion effects, laser fire, and plenty of Rebels vs Empire action!

We noticed a bit of a surge of activity recently, centered around that very diorama in our forum, and learned that forum member WVMojo had pointed it out on Twitter, and the story, Zipidi, and The Fighting 1:18th are briefly featured on Wired! Check it out HERE!

Check out page 2 to see a few images from this awesome diorama!


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  1. This is great man! I love it.

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