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Q&A with Zipidi Doodah

Q&A with Zipidi Doodah

Barry Riddle, better known to everyone here as forum member Zipidi Doodah, and creator of the massive scale Battle of Hoth that now takes place in his living room, has agreed to a little Facebook tête-à-tête, and answer some questions, both about the man, and about the diorama and hobby he enjoys.

XOC2008: First off, thank you, Barry, for agreeing to have this little sit down chat, so that everyone can get to know you a little better. I know that you’ve had a few interviews so far since this thing exploded on the internet in a pretty epic scale, so I really appreciate you taking some time to have a talk with me so that I can share some more details about the man at the core of all this craziness.

Zipidi: Thank you, Ian. To be honest, my diorama would not have been garnered this amount of recognition had it not been for some members from your site. WVMojo propelled this by sharing a link to my work on TheFighting118th.com. I also have to credit Videoviper for turning me on to your site. Videoviper and The Willoughbian were discussing the explosion effect on another site, and I came to your site to see what they were talking about.

Move on to page 2 to continue reading, to see what secrets Zipidi might reveal!


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  1. Great read.

  2. I had a great time. Ian should be working for CBS News, with his sweet interviewing skills. Thanks so much!


  3. Great Interview

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