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X Review: Lady Jaye

X Review: Lady Jaye


Excellent articulation. After all, Renegades Scarlett was one of(if not THE) first figures in the whole GI Joe line to have the rocker ankles, and they are used again quite effectively in Lady Jaye. Head, shoulders, elbows, regular wrists, torso, hips, double-knees, and rocker ankles. I’d like to see the newer wrist articulation used here but they haven’t made them small enough yet. It seems like Hasbro has only just started to get the newer wrists looking more natural(Renegades Duke wrists, anyone?!), so it may be some time before we see them used on any female figures.

She poses fluidly, holds the poses well, and takes on fairly natural poses with ease. You don’t have to force or jam anything to get it to look right.



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