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X Review: Alley Viper

X Review: Alley Viper

The Alley Viper. For a lot of collectors the Alley Viper is just a fun figure, which is oft times sought after to an almost obsessive degree. Strange that the garish color schemes are what this figure is primarily known, and wanted, for. We’ve seen blue and yellow, orange and blue, and others. Frankly, the best color scheme in my opinion was the POC version in that darker reddish orange, with the black accents. The Retaliation Alley Viper? It craps all over that nicer, muted paint scheme with a bright-as-hell nearly pink shade of red. Seriously, Hasbro? Sigh.

You’ll notice this review has a new format, and the pictures are a bit different as well. I’ve recently gotten a new camera and a light tent for taking pictures of my toys, so I hope this improves the quality for all of you!

It’s not all bad. It can’t be! Read on to find out!


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  1. i was so excited about this figure and wanted 10 like the others, but as soon as i got it i was like, nvm. this thing is trash.. so this and the dark ninja quickly became a NO to my army building.

    i’m glad though, i really cant afford to army build this line except will make way for night viper.
    i’m just gonna save my money to army build the damn tomahawk.. and just buy a few indivisual characters upon release. not sure what other army builder is in this line, hopefully not many says me wallet.. what, your wallet don’t talk? mine’s empty, so it’s constantly flappin’..

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