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X Review: Airborne

X Review: Airborne

Today we’ve got a brand new HALO trooper for you! And what a surprise, he’s using the Data Viper’s entire body! This was unexpected, since Hasbro had pretty much told everyone that it wasn’t happening. But there were clues to its existence because one of the 5 POA vehicle drivers had the same style legs. Like I’ve said, Hasbro throws us a bone once in awhile. That’s further evident by them ACTUALLY releasing the Data Viper in what was Wave 4, but is now Wave 3. Confused?

More after the JUMP! Get it? HALO trooper. Jump. Har.


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  1. This pack is the only thing being restocked at my local Target! Great deal for $19.99 too.. since the damn single figs are $9.99 each..

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