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X Review: Airborne

X Review: Airborne


Like I said on the first page, this uses the teased Data Viper’s entire body. It’s a great looking flight suit and/or generic workman’s outfit. There’s all kinds of zippers and pockets and pouches and little details that make it really stand apart from the other sculpts in the line of late, even with few paint apps. Not only did they give us Data Viper’s body(despite giving us Data Viper later on,) we’re also being given the secondary head that was supposed to come with Renegades Law.

Some of the gear is resculpted as well. The helmet is Renegades Ripcord, but the HALO suit itself is a remold of the Para-Viper suit, with all the tubes and such set up to circulate the air provided. It’s a great figure to reuse/resculpt this equipment on.


Articulation is nice, but with all the gear on it’s more difficult to put him in natural poses. Some of the joints are slightly restricted, but he bends and moves quite well. For a list of articulation, it is as follows: Head, shoulders, elbows, ball-wrists, torso, hips, double knees, and the normal ankles.

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  1. This pack is the only thing being restocked at my local Target! Great deal for $19.99 too.. since the damn single figs are $9.99 each..

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