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X Review: Airborne

X Review: Airborne


Sculpt Articulation Paint Accessories Package Overall
A+ B A A C A

Overall is not an average.

The sculpt gets an A+ because this was our first indication that Hasbro might actually bring us the Data Viper. Not only that, but they put it to great use here. I have been considering buying two more of these packs for Airborne to redo my Para-Vipers using this body, because it’s much more fitting as a flight suit than what they were given. Otherwise, while the articulation is somewhat restricted when suited up, everything scores pretty high. Minus the packaging. Still, it’s a great figure, and though the head sculpt makes him look a bit generic, there’s enough Airborne touches that make him suitable for that role.


This was found for $19.99 at my local Target. It was a surprise since I was certain I was only going to find this stuff at Wal-Mart, considering all my other reviews!

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  1. This pack is the only thing being restocked at my local Target! Great deal for $19.99 too.. since the damn single figs are $9.99 each..

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