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St. Louis, MO Comic Con 2013

St. Louis, MO Comic Con 2013

This year, St. Louis, MO gets an inaugural Comic Con! Put on by Wizard World, the very same people who put on the Comic Cons in Chicago, NY and Philadelphia. Lots of special guests will be in attendance from shows like Firefly, to The Walking Dead. As well as comic artists and even Stan Lee himself!

Your Moderator in Chief, Ewokhunter92, is heading to St. Louis this weekend to cover the St. Louis Comic Con. Lots of fun shall be had covering anything that fits into our little world. Running from Fri 22 to Sun 24 hosting many celebrities comic book artists. There should be plenty of vendors selling their wares like a troupe of Jawas in a Modern day Mos Eisley.

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St. Louis Comic Con

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