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X Review: Beachhead

X Review: Beachhead


Beachhead uses the POC Wave 3 Snake Eyes sculpt, which is a suitable one for a commando. I’m not sure what else I can say about this sculpt. It’s still getting a lot of use, and I have to applaud Hasbro for keeping it in the rotation, because every part of it has been fair to good choices to reuse for the figures they’ve used it for so far.

My big, BIG issue with this figure, is with only this specific figure in particular. Look at the right side of his head. What’s up with that? QC out the window! It looks like he took a bullet to the left side of his head and the mask stopped it before exiting the right. Bleh.


The articulation is top notch because of the sculpt used. Not that Beachhead will need to assume any ninja-like poses, but he certainly can if you want him to. Lacking the rocker ankles isn’t a downside, though. On a figure like this, I’d much prefer the normal ankle articulation, because it provides the right movement.

Articulation is as follows: Head, shoulders, elbows, swivel-and-bend wrists, torso, hips, double-knees, and ankles. That’s all this Ranger needs.

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