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G.I.Joe Retaliation 2013 Review

G.I.Joe Retaliation 2013 Review

The Good:
This is not Rise Of Cobra. I felt the movie had a good flow to it, very well paced. It also gave me the campy feel the cartoon did for me as a kid. It used various elements from the 80’s toon like a visit to RoadBlock’s home. Dumb enormous self destruct buttons that seemed right out of the cartoon, and a huge scheme for Cobra world domination.

Channing Tatum was pretty good in this movie as well. His initial dialogue with the Rock seemed forced, but later scenes the two worked quite well together. I am sure they will have another movie together now. Firefly just straight up rocked. I loved Cobra Commanders new look and the actress choice for Lady Jaye worked well for me.

Some points of notice for me that I also liked is they tried to leave as much ROC out of it as they could. They even summed the movie up in the beginning by just saying “The Nano wars”. I personally thought it was a simple humorous way of avoiding but not neglecting the first movie. I was not looking for a war movie, I was looking for GI Joe, and I feel I got that.

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