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G.I.Joe Retaliation 2013 Review

G.I.Joe Retaliation 2013 Review

The Bad:
The one thing that bugged me the most but did not deter from the movie was Snake Eyes. His outfit worked very well except for his helmet. I thought it was just way too big, too bulky. Looked more like a motorcycle helmet to me than anything else.

I also thought the acting was spotty at times, but will get more into that in the ugly section of my review. There also were a few instances where the writing just missed out.  I just don’t understand why President Zartan had to ask the real president questions. My only thought was they wanted us to see that the real president was alive. Other than that, the scene was useless.

This is the second time The Rock and Vosloo have been in a movie together with no direct dialogue. The Mummy Returns being the first. I like Vosloo as an actor and was really hoping to see him interact with the Rock but that did not happen. He had maybe 3 seconds of actual facetime in the movie.

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