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G.I.Joe Retaliation 2013 Review

G.I.Joe Retaliation 2013 Review

– Duke does Die in the 1st half hour of the movie. He dies saving Flint’s life. You do not see his dead body but the Rock verbally says he is dead. You also see the Rock dump all the dead Joes dog tags onto Coltons Desk.

–  It was revealed that Zartan  killed Hardmaster.

– Aside from seeing Destro’s eyes in the prison at the beginning, CC says he is out of the Band and is not mentioned again. Baroness is never mentioned.

– Unfortunately for how cool Firefly was, he dies as well by his own firefly bug bomb weapon. His death does not look like he could return.

– Cobra Commander escapes in the end without regard to anyone else, just like the old toon.

– Stormshadow and Snake Eyes do team up at the end and fight together.  Snake Eyes even hands SS the sword for him to kill Zartan.

– Zartan Dies by Stormshadows hands and Snake Eye’s sword.  If Stormshadow could return from his wounds, Zartan can too, especially since he is filled with Nanos.

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