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X Review: Storm Shadow

X Review: Storm Shadow


Once again I’ll discuss how the sculpt is a piece of recycled ROC trash. Sure, others talk about how interesting Storm Shadow’s attire is, but I just don’t think they’re anything special, and certainly not Storm Shadow enough for my tastes. This one’s no different. It’s not Storm Shadow to me. Unlike the 3-pack version, this one has the skirt, and there’s a gap in his back where the scabbards were fused into place with a ton of glue.


Unlike the 3-pack version, articulation suffers from the skirt. It hinders movement effectively, so I guess I can give Hasbro credit for that. Otherwise, everything is the same as the 3 pack version, sans skirt.

Head, shoulders, elbows, swivel-and-bend wrists, torso, hips, double-knees, ankles. All that movement and yet, not all that flexible.

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