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The Fighting 1:18th Convention Roundup!

The Fighting 1:18th Convention Roundup!


Joe Con 2013, the annual mecca for GI Joe fans, was held in Indianapolis this year from Wednesday April 3rd through Sunday April 7th, with forum member Gungho-Joe and Fighting 1:18th founding father YT1 both on hand to provide us with their con experiences as well as share some great photos.  Check them out via the links below:

First Report by YT1
Day 1 Coverage by YT1
More Intel from Gungho-Joe
Day 2 Coverage by YT1
Hasbro Panel Coverage by YT1
Day 3 Coverage by YT1
Day 4 Coverage by YT1
More Joe Con 2013 Photos by Gungho-Joe
Joe Con 2013 Recap by YT1

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Once again, we at the Fighting 1:18th would like to extend our thanks to our members Ctrl Z and Gungho-Joe, moderator Ewokhunter92 and founder YT1 for their hard work and commitment in providing such great intel.

Look out for overseas con coverage from myself in Australia soon.

Also, looming just over the horizon is the 44th annual San Diego Comic-Con, running from Thursday July 18 through Sunday, July 21, and we will have a presence there as well.

It’s shaping up to be a good year.

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