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Legion XIV Productions Series 1.5

Legion XIV Productions Series 1.5

Falcone is a man of few words, however we do have a quote from him regarding Series 1.5 below:

“Series 1.5 is now available. And is in a new store location. The FAL, Galil, M14, and Mini-14 are all unchanged. All the others have has some type of modification to them. The most important change being on the stocks for the G36 and UMP.”

Series 1.5 is featuring 10 weapons total with 4 of them unchanged including the popular FAL.  The most interesting news is the changes on the stocks for the UMP and my personal favorite weapon of the series, the G36.  It’s unclear what other modifications that were made.  I personally enjoyed Series 1 and I’m looking forward to placing an order for Series 1.5.

If you would like to discuss Series 1.5 and/or ask Falcone questions you can do so Here

You can visit Legion Fourteen Productions and place an order Here

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