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Summer Movie Countdown

Summer Movie Countdown

I am so glad the Mayans were wrong. Or was that the date was wrong. I don’t know, either way I am happy the summer of 2013 is here and all the movies that come with it. I am going to give the list of my most anticipated movies for this summer.

You won’t see Thor 2 or Riddick as they are out after summer is over. I set my cutoff date in August. Still plenty of movies to go through and this was a hard list to compile after my top 3.

My honorable mentions in no particular order go to, Pacific Rim (June 11th), Fast and Furious 6 (May 24th), After Earth (May 31st), White House Down (June 28th), The Wolverine (July 26th), Kick Ass 2 (August 16th), 300 Rise of an Empire (August 2nd) and Elysium (August 9th).

Countdown starts with #5 on the next page…..

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