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Q&A with AngelForge

Q&A with AngelForge

Forum member WVMojo asks:

What materials (brands) and tools are the best medium to work with for sculpting?

KREXX: The sculpting compound is very personal , some sculptors use clay , wax , others prefer super sculpey and some , like me prefer to use epoxy , in my case , a mix I do in my studio , the tools are also customized to my own taste (miniatures)

Have you thought about doing a series of tutorial videos?

KREXX: Yes ! , I have , but I’m a bad teacher , lol ! , seriously , I hope one of these days to do some and post them on YouTube.

Forum Officer fogger1138 asks:

There’s three of you – I know what Krexx does and I’m pretty sure I know what DW does – what does Mswi do?

mswi: Hell if I know!, besides contributing to the design aspect, small amount of promotion and a portion financially for my sculpts, a small cog indeed. I Think these guys just wanted a pet Canadian.

DW:In order to keep it from becoming “The Wild Imaginings of DW” shop, we needed balance and set out to find a good fit. A pet Canadian seemed right.


Now that he is (mostly) potty trained, we regret this less.

Seriously, MSWI is the collectors connection. As much as I live in the fantasy realm, he stays grounded in established lore. I do not get on the boards much at all, so I am frankly out of synch with you guys. Case and point, when we needed concepts for a project, I asked MSWI for a list, and he sent one right away. All the allotted designs for that project were pulled from that list. I can trust his point of view, knowledge, and judgement to represent the Joe fans.

mswi: Freaking Hockey net trap works everytime!

Forum Officer nacho asks:

As you move away from SDS legacy sculpts, will there be a focus or theme for the new product, i.e. Joe universe, comic/video game characters, tv/movie characters, non-descript fantasy characters, or whatever the whim of the sculptors happens to be on a given day?

mswi: personally for me its Joe. Currently a large portion of which is dedicated to the space themed characters from the Mytrhos. but nothings off the table.

DW:The goal is to offer something for everyone. The general areas we try to include are Civilian, military, fantasy, and retro/nostalgic. MSWI really shines here keeping things balanced. I am heavily into the fantasy stuff. I would gladly just design all new characters and stories for them. MSWI, is the connection to the fans. He will ensure they do not get left behind as we go forward. We hope to provide new sculpts for all collectors, this means a balanced design team that is passionate about their area of interest. We have a lot planned, but are just starting out. As we move away from the SDS legacy sculpts, I think you will see a good mix of everything, including more input from KREXX in the designs. He does not just sculpt what we design and request, he designs a lot of the pieces himself. We have a lot planned, and hopefully you guys will like what you see.


I’d like to extend a big thank you to The Angelforge, Darkwynter, Krexx, and Mswi for taking the time to answer questions for us at the Fighting 1:18th! They were insightful, fun, and well-thought answers, and I hope everyone’s questions were answered to their satisfaction! You can check out their work at The Angelforge!

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