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GI Joe Club Subscription 2.0

GI Joe Club Subscription 2.0

Ladies, gentlemen, and overgrown man-children, the G.I. Joe Collector’s Club has finally revealed all twelve figures from the new Figure Subscription Service 2.0.

As a reminder, here is the entire roll call (revealed figures in bold text).

1) Dragonsky
2) Bombardier
3) Night Force Falcon
4) Tiger Force Shipwreck
5) Skullbuster
6) Tiger Force Airtight
7) Tollbooth
8) Cesspool
9) Widescope
10) Big Bear
11) Desert Scorpion
12) Admiral Keel-Haul

A 13th Mystery Figure has been confirmed again for those buying the full set in advance.  Figures may be available in a limited supply on the Club Store after each month’s figures are sent to the subscribers first.  Details will be updated as they become available.

More details on page 2.


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