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SR-71/U-2 Pilot by Fritzkrieg

SR-71/U-2 Pilot by Fritzkrieg

Let’s just dive into the Spotlight.

First thing that jumps right out on this custom to me is the paint job. It is clean, smooth, and has a factory appeal and sheen to it. Looks like he will fit into anyone’s collection on a shelf and not stand out as a custom. That to me is no easy task and Fritzkrieg has done this very well.

No new articulation has been added, but does a pilot really need to have a hundred poses. I personally don’t think so and think that keeping the original articulation in no way diminishes the coolness of this custom.

Fritzkrieg also took the time to add all new webgear and outfit accessories to this bad boy of a custom, making it very obvious he is a pilot. The original figure failed at this to me except for his helmet. I believe the harnesses came from a Star Wars Bossk figure.  Perfect use for that figures harness.

My overall opinion of this figure is an A+. I find no faults in his design and paints. I actually think if this figure was painted yellow, he could also pass for the famed Star Wars Cantina Dude.

Please stop by his thread here, and let Fritzkrieg know what you think.

Now for the pictures.

I would like to thank Fritzkrieg for allowing us to see his great work and I would also like to thank you, the readers. Remember, my eye is always watching, who will it turn its gaze onto next………..

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