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X Review: PTE SU27

X Review: PTE SU27



The cockpit is sparse as far as sculpt goes. There’s all sorts of raised surfaces for buttons and gauges and the like, but they aren’t detailed at all. There’s a seat, and a control stick. That’s about it for the interior. But again, this is a PTE toy, so we’re not expecting BBI levels of detail here. And the lack of details means out paintbrushes can find some use here.


The outside of the plane has a fair amount of detail for a “cheap”, “knockoff” toy. While there’s no real functional control surfaces like more expensive, true-scale aircraft, there’s a good amount of molded in detail. Panel lines abound, you’ve got some fair detailing inside the engine intakes and exhausts, and there’s even a functional-while-not-completely-accurate air-brake.

You also have landing gear and doors that cover them nicely. The gear moves in and out smoothly and locks into place, and the wheels move. No static wheels here!


It feels light and flimsy, and when mine arrived one of the smaller fins on the bottom was cracked and needed repair, but it is actually a fairly resilient toy. I’ve dropped it a few times from about 4 feet and it survived without any further damage than how it arrived. It’s certainly designed for rough play rather than being shelved and remaining static.

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  1. Would like to know where can I get one of these? I would love to rework one of these and bring
    it up to par.

  2. What happened to the 1:18 F15 Eagle or F15E Strike Eagle? There is the 1:18 F16, and F18? Anybody know?

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