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X Review: PTE SU27

X Review: PTE SU27


There’s very little paint on this, which is good in my opinion. You can leave it as is and get some low-vis stickers/decals, or paint it up in whatever manner you wish. It’s a pretty good blank canvas for a customizer of any skill level. It’s molded in light gray plastic with some gray-blue camo throughout, with some silver over the engines at the rear of the jet.


There’s nothing to really focus on to any great degree. Most of it is the usual PTE offerings. For the ‘usual suspects’ with PTE: you get a gas can, oil drum, two crates, ladder, and poorly articulated pilot figure. In addition, it comes with ten missiles, instructions, and a sticker sheet.

With all the missiles in place, there’s two spare hardpoints to mount something, but you’re only given ten weapons to mount on the vehicle. I’m sure there’s something you can find, though, to fully arm one of these.

One of the few downsides to this jet, though, is that some of the more modern figures don’t fit so well without some kind of modification. I imagine I’ll need to lower the seat a bit if possible. However, the included pilot, of course, fits perfectly.

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  1. Would like to know where can I get one of these? I would love to rework one of these and bring
    it up to par.

  2. What happened to the 1:18 F15 Eagle or F15E Strike Eagle? There is the 1:18 F16, and F18? Anybody know?

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