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X Review: PTE SU27

X Review: PTE SU27


As you might expect for something of this size, the package is huge.(Har, har!) It arrived from BBTS in a giant box, and the PTE box itself wasn’t much smaller. You get the full windowbox displaying all the goodness inside. As you can see, the vertical stabilizers need to be plugged into place, but aside from the missiles, that’s all the work you need to do to put this together.

On the back, you get the pictures of all the other vehicles and sets offered in the line.(not pictured)

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  1. Would like to know where can I get one of these? I would love to rework one of these and bring
    it up to par.

  2. What happened to the 1:18 F15 Eagle or F15E Strike Eagle? There is the 1:18 F16, and F18? Anybody know?

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