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X Review: PTE SU27

X Review: PTE SU27


Interior Exterior Construction Paint Accessories Package Overall
C A A B A- A A

Overall is not an average.

Overall, this is a very nice toy. While expensive and hard to find, it blows most of Hasbro’s offerings out of the water. You get a jet that relies more on design and playability rather than being focused on gimmicks. I do plan to ‘Cobrafy’ it a bit, but I won’t be painting it Cobra blue. I likely won’t do much more than supplement the included stickers with some cobra air force stickers. My final thought: If Wild Weasel flew this, Ace and the Skystriker would be in the toilet.


I paid a total of $55 dollars with shipping to get this at my door. Considering I would have paid almost double that to get it shipped from overseas, I can count this as a win.

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  1. Would like to know where can I get one of these? I would love to rework one of these and bring
    it up to par.

  2. What happened to the 1:18 F15 Eagle or F15E Strike Eagle? There is the 1:18 F16, and F18? Anybody know?

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