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2013-2014 Officer Club Drive!

2013-2014 Officer Club Drive!

We have always felt that accepting money from the big manufacturers or retailers would cheapen or influence some of the reporting and reviews that we do, so we decided we’d go at it alone and do things our way whether people liked it or not. It gives us the freedom to do what we want, and say what we think, and so can you!

This site is completely paid for by the staff, and from donations by our members.


These are the benefits you get for becoming an Officer (Besides the warm fuzzy feeling inside!):

+ The Fighting 1:18th Exclusive “Wave 1” Challenge Coin*
+ Exclusive Officer Club rank badge
+ Additional Private Message Space from 100 -> 250
+ Additional file hosting space from 15M to 30M
+ Unique color for name
+ Access to the Officer’s Club Exclusive Forum
+ Access to the Officer’s Club Exclusive B/S/T & Sightings Access
+ Access to exclusive monthly contests + prizes only for Officers
+ First look at upcoming site exclusives and projects
+ 10% discount off merchandise at starwarsgeek’s shop for Officers!^
+ Our undying love and admiration for helping us be the last, best place to BS without BS!
+ And more…

As of right now, all the perks will be year-to-year donation dependent, so they will last until your subscription runs out.

* The Challenge Coins will be given out on a first-come first-serve basis.
^ See starwarsgeek for details on redeeming your discount.

The price is $32/year (The $2 is to help with damn Paypal charges!). You can access the sign up form through this link: http://www.fighting118th.com/forum/payments.php

If you do not have Paypal, would like to donate MORE than $32, would like to donate through a different method, OR would like to donate for someone else, please send me a message on the forums.

New this year!Officer – Tier 2!
This is a 2nd Officer tier, and is for people who want to promote their website, blog, or small business on the Fighting 1:18th. Anyone wishing to sign up for this package must be an active participant of our website (So, for example, starwarsgeek good, BBTS bad).

+ Everything that comes with the normal Officer-level membership
+ Partner Link! Small banner-type promotion. Dimensions for picture are 180×135.
+ Future marketing opportunities with The Fighting 1:18th

The price is $50/year. Please contact either myself or MAJOR BLOOD if you are interested in this package. Do *NOT* use the PayPal link.

The donation period is from May 24th, 2013 through August 31st, 2013.

A huge thank you everyone who helps out!

** ALSO NOTE ** all existing Officer Club memberships will expire on July 1st of each year unless renewed, regardless of when you sign up!

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