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July Banner Contest

July Banner Contest

The June Contest gives us much to talk about.  To start with,  we had a record number of voters!  A whopping 78 votes came in,  which is much higher than our average of about 60.  That’s great news that we had such a huge voting turnout however the bigger question is: who are these people and why aren’t they submitting entries?  Speaking of entries,  we had 7 great submissions as members were trying to break Falcon C‘s streak and prevent him from winning a record 5th Banner in a row!

Falcon C was determined to win his 5th straight Banner Contest and received 37% of the total vote.  That wasn’t enough as Admin NSA submitted a rare entry and won the Contest with 38% of the total vote.  NSA beat out Falcon C by a single vote!  It doesn’t get any closer than that.  Officer Fogger1138 came in third bringing home 9% of the overall vote.  You can view the second and third place entries on the bottom of this page.

NSA also won a special prize from Officer StarWarsGeek who graciously donated a $25 gift certificate to his store StarWarsGeek.com.

Rules and Regulations:

 1. The submission must be done by the USER and no one but USER.

 2. The submission must be in the correct size/aspect ratio: 920px by 322px. You can use any free editing program to crop your image to this size/ratio. Any image submitted outside of this size/ratio will be discarded.

3. The USER submitting the image releases all rights to the submitted image, giving The Fighting 1:18th full usage rights.

 4. There will be ONE banner entry, per-person, per-month. If you submit more than ONE entry, all entries will be disqualified. You CAN delete an entry and replace it with another before the end of the month.

 5. If there are more than 10 USER’s submitted banners for any given month, there will be a primary “run off” to find our 10 finalists. Details for the run off will be in that thread.

 6. You may re-submit a NON-winner banner up to (3) additional times.

 7. To submit an entry into the banner contest you must create a NEW thread in the Banner forum with the title “USER’s banner entry for the month of xxxx”. Where USER is your forum name, and xxxx is the upcoming month. Any entries not submitted in this fashion will be discarded.

 8.  Please send Major Blood the images for any entries. We will be doing a “blind voting” this time to give it a trial run. If it works out, this will be the standard. Make sure the entry is hosted. If not make sure the dimensions are correct and Major Blood will host it. Dimensions are 920×322



Enjoy this month off and get ready to show off your skills for the August Contest!

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