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GI Joe Wave “3.5” on Ebay!

GI Joe Wave “3.5” on Ebay!

This morning, Dr Syn posted a link to another site’s images, which we’ve mirrored here for your viewing. They are images taken and posted by viperskingdom from Ebay, and you can find these figures up now in his store. And thus far, everyone’s all excited about it. Sure, they should be to some extent, because these are figures that really take a step away from the craptastic figures in the first couple Retaliation waves, and bring us back towards the POC/30th era we were all enjoying. But are they really all that worth the fanboy jerking that we’ve seen today?

In my opinion, no. Sure, there’s still some great figures in this wave, there’s no denying that. They’re releasing Kwinn, which many a collector has been foaming at the mouth to possess for several years. We have a pretty darned accurate Cobra Commander, a troop builder Duke, the yearned-for-but-apparently-now-meh Data Viper, that kick ass Budo, and more. But I spent the better part of the day looking over these figures, and I can honestly say, they’re okay. Above average, at best. But they’re certainly not worth all this circle-jerking over hyping that I’ve seen today. Especially when you look at all the faults these pictures show. Good God above, what the hell is wrong with Budo’s head? He looks like the Rock’s idiot cousin!

Now, grab a towel to clean up after yourself, and don’t miss the drool dangling from your neanderthal-like mouth, gaping open like you’re trying to trap flies. And before you get a sandy vagina at my not joining the awesome-train and jerking it with you, let me point out that these are a) most likely rejects and/or unfinished production pieces that someone stole from the factory, and b) not likely to get a whole lot better. They are not, however, the godsend that you’re trying to make people believe they are. And for all that is holy, why the hell are you spending upwards of $20 bucks just to have these pieces of crap a few weeks early? They’re due out NEXT MONTH AT THE EARLIEST! What the hell is WRONG with you people?! I mean, the preorders on e-tailers are running between $8.99 and $12.99! Is it really worth it to have a piece of crap clogging your shelves?

Don’t take my word for it! Check out the pics on page 2!


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