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X Review: GIJCC Iceberg

X Review: GIJCC Iceberg

I don’t think I have ever seen such excitement over a figure turn into such depressing disappointment. Even though this is a “free”(with club membership) figure, it should have been handled far better than it was. This is not the Iceberg we’re looking for! I don’t even have the words to fully convey to you how I feel. The reveal was very late, and everyone expressed worry about the head in the pictures. Don’t worry, they said. It’s just a placeholder. But oh, how it wasn’t. And the best we get is the equivalent of an “oopsie!”?

Because of possible inflammatory content, I want to point out that this review is my opinion, and as such I’m not expecting anyone to agree with me. But it’s also my opinion that if you like this figure, that you’ve got something severely wrong with your brain, and ought to go get an MRI to make sure you don’t need neurosurgery. I make no apologies if you feel insulted over anything I write here. If anything, you should apologize to me, since you’re so good at apologizing for the club.

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