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SDCC 13: G.I.Joe Brand

SDCC 13: G.I.Joe Brand

logo_seal_smallThe biggest and most important convention of the summer is coming up in just a few weeks. I’m of course referring to San Diego Comic Con 2013. The Fighting118th will not only be represented by Administrators and Moderators but we also have several members of the forum attending.  I unfortunately won’t be attending as it doesn’t fit into my work schedule however I thought it would be fun to discuss the Con.

I have so many topics that I could touch on. Celebrities, Cos-Players, Exclusives, Movies and/or Toys. The options are endless and I could honestly stretch this piece into several different parts. I’ve decided to go a different direction. I’m going to talk about my childhood hobby, G.I.Joe. I know what you’re thinking, that’s not out of the ordinary. G.I.Joe has had a presence at SDCC for the last several years and this years exclusive set is most impressive. I’m not going to discuss the exclusive set, I’m going to discuss something more important. The future of the brand!

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