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Modern Grunt by Stryker927

Modern Grunt by Stryker927

Grunt has always been a real hardcore guy for me. When I think of Grunt, I think of a tough, gritty, tobacco chewing butt kicking, no name taking war veteran. So when I first laid my eyes on Stryker’s custom I knew it was a win and front page material.

He nailed the look to a tee. His custom looks dirty, he looks worn, and he looks battle tested. Everything a modern Grunt should be. The paint work on him is excellent. Stryker chose to go the desert color scheme which works very well with the modern era because that is where most of the fighting is being done.

Parts and accessories flow together quite nicely on this custom. I notice some custom straps that were made and applied to add even more to the realism. The sling is the final touch to set this custom off. Very well done custom! Lets enjoy the pictures.

I would like to thank Stryker927 for posting his great custom. I would also like to thank the Fighting 118th members for reading and being on site for us all to enjoy this great hobby together. I invite everyone to check out Stryker’s custom HERE in his original thread for a few more pictures or discussion. Eye will see you later.

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