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SDCC 2013: Day 2 G.I.Joe Update

SDCC 2013: Day 2 G.I.Joe Update

Duffman spoke with Habro Rep Mark Ditimossa and below are a few highlights:

– 2014 will have a 50th Anniversary line

– 2014 figures will sport a 50th Anniversary Logo on the packaging

– Discussions have taken place to possibly have the figure line to be exclusively at Target

– Kreo will continue to be a Toys R Us exclusive

– G.I.Joe 3 plans have started and will be supported by a figure line

That is the most useful information that came out of the discussion.  Most of us will read that and respond with a snarky remark however you must consider whats been going on.  We have now seen the same product convention after convention for almost 2 years.  We have received almost zero information from SDCC 2013 regarding G.I.Joe product despite several interviews hitting the web today.  The fact that even this information was shared and confirmed is a small victory in the sad life as a G.I.Joe collector.  We all can hope that 2014 will be different.

Enjoy the Gallery:

Big thanks to Duffmann and Tofujesse for sharing the SDCC 2013 experience with us.  Continue to visit Fighting118th.com all weekend long for news, updates and photos from SDCC 2013!

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