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SDCC 2013: Day 4 News

SDCC 2013: Day 4 News

The NECA booth was pretty impressive, though some of their lines were apparently a bit underwhelming(Gears of War, Lone Ranger, more on those later). It’s a shame that so much of what they have wouldn’t fit in our collections, but it was nice to see something that obviously had a lot of care taken to get things right. I know I have my complaints about their 3.75″ lines, but their larger figures are just outstanding.

You can find the gallery HERE!

The Hobbit line by The Bridge Direct didn’t get as much attention as it probably should. The figures are pretty nice all in all. I’ve always thought it was a terrible shame that the figures always seemed to be on clearance. Again, it shows that our culture has grown away from physical toys, because these should have appealed to kids. It had us wondering if they would risk continuing the line with the rest of the movies. Thankfully, it seems as if they intend to keep things going with wave 2, and stated they have a lot of love for the 1:18th scale, which is good for us!

NSA spoke to Joel Alicea, who confirmed they were moving forward with Wave 2. You can find some more information and some pictures HERE!

I don’t know enough about Godzilla to comment other than they look a lot like what I remember from the movies, and look good doing it. If that’s what they were going for, then they accomplished their goal. We’ve got more pictures HERE!

Mandingo Rex spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday picking up Exclusives and taking lots of pictures. You can find them HERE and HERE!

Obviously, the big news of the night was the Merit booth and the appearance and assembly of the AV-8B Harrier. At first, assembly came to a close with the nose being upside down, but board Founder K-Tiger noticed something wasn’t right, which got things fixed. NSA spoke to Tony for a good while during assembly and got a lot of great information. The best of which is that we might see the Harrier as early as Christmas, but probably not till 2014. We also got an idea of the price tag, which is running into the realm of $250 to $300 dollars. With panels and electronics and other extras, I can understand the cost. And judging from what we’ve seen so far, I’m already putting money aside for one!

NSA put together a quick Q&A for other tidbits of infomation, and you can find some of them in our AV-8 thread on our forums HERE!

You can find more information and pictures HERE!

It wasn’t the best convention, but it certainly wasn’t the worst, especially with the news of the Harrier. Price is high, but it shows that there’s still interest in this scale, and a willingness of some companies to produce them for us. I want to thank everyone who was on the ground at SDCC this year, for all the great info and pictures you collected. Here’s to next year!

For more updates, information, and general banter about the event, you can stop by our forum and our SDCC Catchall Thread, as well as our interactive Chat Room!

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