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Solid Snake by Dr Syn

Solid Snake by Dr Syn

Let’s just jump right in and talk about what jumped out to me most about this figure. The presentation, the box, the initial game feel of the figure right off the bat. Dr Syn sold this figure with the presentation by itself.

Now lets talk about the actual work done. First up. No Solid Snake is complete without his trusty box to hide under. Syn brings us the box and presents it to us with a game like feel.

The figure itself is done very well. It is a combination of various lines and was put together flawlessly. Sculpting was done here and it blends right into the figure as if its part of the cast. He has a great lean look to him. Which he needs to stuff himself into a box. Paint apps are done well. Got some really good highlights going on. I really like that head sculpt. The sculpting on it is fantastic!

I give this figure a double thumbs up. If you agree let Syn know in his original thread. You can also see his full recipe of parts.

Now for the pics.

I would like to thank Dr Syn for allowing us to see his great work, and I would like to thank you, the readers. Eye will see you later.

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