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September Banner Contest

September Banner Contest

logo_seal_smallThe theme for the September Banner Contest is Aftermath

Here is a quote from Banner Contest runner Major Blood:

“This months theme is to have survivors of a battle or disaster going through or investigating the aftermath of what has happened. Destruction, bodies all over and whatever else you can come up with are all fair game. Get creative and make it look good”

The Monthly Banner Contest has been one of the most successful and favorite features here on the Fighting 1:18th. The contest started on our original site before the infamous crash of 2011. For those that are new to the contest,  it’s very simple. A forum member can submit a dio picture entry into the contest. Towards the end of the month we place all the photos together and let the forum members vote for their favorite via poll. The winner gets the prestige and honor of having their picture on top of the site representing the Fighting 1:18th. Occasionally we add additional prizes.

You can view a recap of last month and the Rules and Regulations on Page 2

MMorelock Aug Banner Winner

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