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Comics: Enemy of the State

Comics: Enemy of the State

Wolverine: Enemy of the State

Written by Mark Millar, art by John Romita, Jr. and Kaare Andrews, published by Marvel Comics



Wolverine: Enemy of the State was originally published in Wolverine #20-32. There were two trade collections (collecting #20-25 and #26-32, respectively) and one “Ultimate Collection” that collected all 12 issues, which is the one I’m reviewing.

Wolverine goes bad and fights everyone! Again.


John Romita, Jr. (JRJR if you’re a big comics fan) handles the art for most of the book. His style took me some getting used to, over the years, and I didn’t much like it the first few times I was exposed to it. I’ve grown into it, though.

Kaare Andrews takes over for the last issue. His art is more subdued than usual here, and it works well.

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