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Ages 25 and Up #212

Ages 25 and Up #212

The first announcement we have is the return of the Ages 25 and Up Q and A!  Moderator Monkeywrench(that’s me!) has been conducting periodic Q and A sessions for years now and he’s decided to make the process more reader friendly.  If you have a question regarding anything about Ages 25 and Up you can submit a email to:


Each month 1337W422102 and Monkeywrench will review all of the questions and conduct quarterly Q and A’s starting this Fall!  No limit to amount of questions you may submit.

The second big announcement is a new feature that will be on Fighting118th.com.  Starting this September classic Ages 25 and Up story arcs will be featured.  These story arcs will be brought back to bring new eyes to classic tales as well as discussing the relevance of the comics,  behind the scenes tidbits,  potential deleted scenes,  insight from Numbers himself as well as many other bits of info.

Big thanks to 1337W422102 for sharing his amazing talents with us!

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