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Comics: DMZ Vol. 1

Comics: DMZ Vol. 1


We follow Matty Roth, a photojournalism intern on his first day as he is picked to accompany well-known journalist Viktor Ferguson into the DMZ. When they land, their crew and helicopter are attacked by local militia. Matty survives thanks to the help of a local medic, Zee, who begrudgingly comes to like him.

The book follows Matty around Manhattan as he attempts to first survive and then report the story of what he’s found, which is nothing like what he’s been lead to expect. He meets people, makes friends, and reports on what he finds. His company isn’t entirely happy with him, either, but he is able to get the word out.

By the end of the trade, he’s able to remain and pick his own stories, and he’s starting to become known around the DMZ. The last story has him reporting on a group of special forces soldiers who have taken over Central Park and are attempting to preserve the forest there against those who would cut all of the trees down for firewood.

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