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Philip Marlowe By K-Tiger

Philip Marlowe By K-Tiger

Before anyone comments on the fact K-Tiger went a younger route with this figure. I would like to remind you that the author Chandler was not consistent with his age in each book. One book is set 14 years later from the one before it, but Marlowe only aged nine. So the age of said figure is not a necessity.

Now to the figure. Lets first take a look at the parts. KT managed to bash Joe parts with Indy parts, and he did this flawlessly. One cannot tell that the torso has to have a seam. The jacket or the belt hide this very very well. Not sure which hides it, because it was done so well.

The paint matching on the pants to the jacket is quite good as well. KT may not agree, but I cannot see a difference.

My final thoughts on this custom are pure win. I want one. It looks so clean, so factory, and so perfect for my collection!

Now to the pics.

Thanks for reading. And as always feel free to jump into K-Tiger’s original thread to comment. Eye will see you later.

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