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X Review: Ultimate Roadblock

X Review: Ultimate Roadblock


Roadblock was first released in 1984. Since then, there have been 23 other incarnations, including the one in this review.


Courtesy of YoJoe.com.


From his original filecard:

File Name: Hinton, Marvin F.
SN: RA538203485
Grade: E-4
Birthplace: Biloxi, Mississippi
Primary Specialty: Infantry Heavy Weapons
Secondary Specialty: Cook

Roadblock’s dream was to be a gourmet chef. He was working as a bouncer to earn money to attend the Escoffier School in France when an army recruiter convinced him that the army could train him to be a chef. Roadblock joined but found army menus and preparation techniques too appalling. Transferred to the infantry. Qualified expert: M2 Browning .50 cal.; Heavy Machine Gun; all Warsaw Pact Heavy MGs; M-16; M1911A1 Auto Pistol.

“A .50 cal. Browning weighs 84 pounds. Add fifty pounds for the ammo–that’s about 134 pounds of steel generating 2930 fps in muzzle velocity at a cyclic rate of 550 rpm. Anybody that can handle that doesn’t need a machine gun to keep me away!”


Courtesy of YoJoe.com.

From the Retaliation “filecard”:

GI Joe team leader Roadblock battles Cobra with his powerful Battle-Kata fighting system. The GI Joe hero uses his unique on-the-fly weapon switching and martial arts moves to take out his attackers.

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