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Custom Con Featured Artists

Custom Con Featured Artists

We have been talking about what will be at the Fighting 118th’s Custom Con and the events that will take place. We have given information on Daremo’s Kumite Martial Arts Contest, The Heroic Quest Game that will debut in 118th scale, The exclusive items by The Angel Forge,¬†named some attending artists, and many other planned events. if you missed any of these, all the updated Custom Con Info can be found here.

But what we really have not done is gone into who the artists are aside from the brief description for each.

Well, It’s time to rectify this. Time to see who these guys are as artists. We already know all the good things¬†DarkWynter, Daremo, Obi Shinobi, and Star Wars Geek bring to the forums and the community. But what type of artists are they? That’s the question I hope to answer.

Let’s take a look starting on the next page.

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