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Ages 25 and Up Rewind

Ages 25 and Up Rewind

logo_seal_smallIt’s hard to believe that the infamous action figure comic Ages 25 and Up has been around for over 5 years. 1337W422102 has accomplished several milestones during this time. Joining Fighting118th.com in the summer of 2011 isĀ  arguably his biggest achievement. I’m kidding of course, but seriously it’s got to be in the top 5 along with 200 Files and growing, animated comics, his own Question and Answer segment and being universally admired.

Naturally the next achievement is to relive the past and relish the greatness of Ages 25 and Up. It doesn’t matter if you have been reading the comics since day 1 or you haven’t even heard of them yet. I guarantee you will enjoy this new Editorial series on Fighting118th.com. Over the next few months we will be featuring classic story arcs from the Ages 25 and Up universe. These classics will be retold in a “trade paperback” format with special features that will vary on the story arc. I proudly present to you: Ages 25 and Up Rewind!

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